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A Close Shave

After the immense success of The Wrong Trousers, the pressure was on Aardman to produce another film to rival its predecessor. The successful partnership of Nick Park and Bob Baker teamed up once more and started working on new ideas. Since Nick had used a lot of his sketch ideas in the previous film, he had to look further a field for inspiration, including plenty of brainstorming meetings with the team! Bob Baker had always insisted that the reason people loved Wallace and Gromit had less to do with the inventions are more to do with the emotional relationship between the characters, and for this reason they decided to do a love story.

The plot originally focused on Wendolene's father - first he was an inventor and had lost all their money and then it changed to Wendolene thinking he had died when in fact he had been kidnapped! The team then hit on the idea of sheep - which had been featured in the background of the first 2 films, and a robot dog who had been rustling sheep for wool - perfect!

A Close Shave turned out to be an entirely different production compared with the other two adventures - it was more dramatic (the airplane, the chase, the sheep!) and had been shot with a bigger crew in a shorter time frame. In fact, with more people to direct in this production, Nick Park hardly had any time to animate!

To celebrate the film's premiere on the 24th of December 1995, BBC Two's Christmas presentation that year featured Wallace and Gromit. The main ident featured the two eating Christmas dinner, with a large blue 2 logo situated in the middle of the table, covered with flashing Christmas lights. Several Christmas themed stings, also involving Wallace & Gromit were shown between programs. A Close Shave went on to win over 30 awards including another Oscar!

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