Feathers McGraw

The Wrong Trousers

With the success of their first adventure, Wallace and Gromit were soon back in production for their second. Nick Park had got a sketch book full of ideas for The Wrong Trousers, but no plot to connect them. After trying a few different partnerships, Nick started to write with Bob Baker, an established writer in Bristol.

Bob helped to sew Nick's ideas together into a structured plotline, which included picking out the intriguing penguin character who was originally set in a zoo, and making him into a criminal mastermind. Also due to a tight animation schedule Nick enrolled in the help of Steve Box, who had previously worked on the children's animation "Trap Door", to work on the animation with him. Steve had the task of animating Feathers McGraw whilst Nick controlled Wallace and Gromit.

The Wrong Trousers was aired on Boxing Day 1993 by the BBC, following on from A Grand Day Out on Christmas Day - a true television event! The film received great critical acclaim for being even more accomplished than its predecessor - a sharper plot, wittier script, and even more stylish and lovingly detailed. The Wrong Trousers went on to win over forty top international awards including the Academy Oscar, and has become one of the most successful animated short films ever made.

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