xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Trixie and Capt. Cuddlepuss by altergromit


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January 21st 2012
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"...I have of course a great "passion" for Nick Park's characters: I'm talking about Gromit, Bitzer (in "Shaun the Sheep") but maybe not ALL of you know the series "Creature Comforts"... ...I love also those characters, so I decided to draw something about them... ...Here "Trixie and Capt. Cuddlepuss"...."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jan 27th 2012 11:00am

Cracking creation altergromit!

altergromit Jan 27th 2012 2:35pm

Thank you so much Kirsten!! :D

MrTechnoTrousers Jan 27th 2012 7:46pm


altergromit Jan 28th 2012 2:43am

Thank you MrTechnoTrousers!! :D

chicken lickin Jan 28th 2012 12:59pm

Not only do i love creation comforts but this piece of work, its outstanding. I have these to chacters as figurenes:)

altergromit Jan 29th 2012 6:49am

Oh, lucky you!!! |-) ...I love them too, especially TRIXIE! ...She could be a Bitzer's relative!;):D

Roosterlee Feb 15th 2012 10:45am

Wow! That's awesome! How lond did it take to do? :D

altergromit Mar 2nd 2012 4:09am

Thank you Roosterlee!! :D ...I think about 4 or 5 hours, I don't remember...

kjw1357911 Jul 30th 2012 9:49pm

that`s really cool!but i don`t  know who Trixe and Cpt. Cuddlepuss are. but great job

ethanp9 Aug 23rd 2015 10:13pm

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