xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Gromit in disguise! by from Siberia with love


January 25th 2012
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"Gromit very loves his owner, so he decided to to wish him a Happy New Year disguised as a dragon. He is so cute! :)"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jan 27th 2012 10:56am

I really like the colours you've used, well done!

puppylove Jan 27th 2012 6:44pm

WOW :O that REALLY REALLLY awesome!!! i gave you all stars:beaming:(and i dont do that normaly)>:-)

MrTechnoTrousers Jan 27th 2012 7:40pm


chicken lickin Jan 28th 2012 12:54pm

this is a realy well drawn drawing:D

from Siberia with love Jan 28th 2012 1:27pm


LoveShaun19 Jan 29th 2012 2:37am

Beautiful! Awsome drawing!

evastar7 Jan 31st 2012 3:54pm

full stars great work i hope you are making more creations :)

Roosterlee Feb 14th 2012 9:14am

Wow this is fantastic! :):D

mariepink67 Jun 2nd 2012 7:21pm

gobsmacked best piece ever

doakley Aug 4th 2012 7:54am


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