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March 23rd 2008
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"this is a drawing of the pengune frome the wrong trousers and as a wanted poster."

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MARLOW NATHAN Mar 25th 2008 6:43am

how did u do the paper?

well done 6/6

wghtmf Mar 25th 2008 9:18am

BTW, the penguin is called Feathers.

W and G Mar 31st 2008 3:56am

this is the best ever done:feathers:

w&g rocks Apr 7th 2008 4:23pm

i think i know how he did it. he painted the background a dirty old color and ripped of the sides, smoothened them out and painted them black to make it look burnt.

Mark the shark May 4th 2008 10:31am

Great! ;)

ilovehutchaaw Sep 7th 2008 2:56pm

penguin not pengune great though!

Joruus Oct 13th 2008 10:36am

Feathers YEAH |-)

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