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January 1st 1970
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There are 7 comments about this creation.

wallace05man Feb 6th 2012 6:33am

didn't you already upload this a while ago?

Asa peters Feb 6th 2012 11:55am

this has been done and it came runner up:-|

Gromits little bro Feb 6th 2012 11:56am


Ben5463 Feb 6th 2012 2:04pm

Hey You Copied GLB!!!! 1 Star!!!!

samuelhayward Feb 6th 2012 2:27pm

It might have taken a long time to do the writing, but you should understand that it is wrong to use other people's pictures.

1flyingdog Feb 6th 2012 5:16pm

GLB must be upset about this!!!!!!!!!!

MrTechnoTrousers Feb 7th 2012 11:44am

you copied GLB!

shame on you! :-(

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