xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Valentine's Day by bowler


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February 12th 2012
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"Wallace with roses on Valentine's Day :-) My first try at making something with Plasticine. "

There are 11 comments about this creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Feb 13th 2012 5:59am

Cracking creation, bowler (and very seasonal!) How long did Wallace take to make?

Roosterlee Feb 13th 2012 6:39am

This is so cute! I love how he's holding flowers, saying 'With love!'

cracking1 Feb 13th 2012 4:07pm

This is the most adorable pic of Wallace ever! :D great job!

LoveShaun19 Feb 13th 2012 10:05pm

I love this! :)

evastar7 Feb 14th 2012 7:39am

this lovely work may i ask who is he giving it to? ;)

bowler Feb 14th 2012 9:29am

Thank you! Ha yeah they're for somebody special! :) It took me quite a while as I’ve never made anything like this before. Hope you like it.

Cheesey Boy Feb 16th 2012 3:34am

Job well done,lad!You could have improve the face but still Good Job!;)

kingaelfred Feb 25th 2012 4:46am

I like the detail you have put into this model. Next try to clear up the face a tiny bit but great job:)

Roosterlee Mar 5th 2012 1:36pm

I knew this was going to win! Well done! :)

bowler Mar 7th 2012 4:36am

Thank you so much! I'm so pleased :D

altergromit Mar 22nd 2012 3:24pm

Congratulations!! :D:D:D

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