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April 30th 2012
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"Copied from the picture of Wallace and Piella Mariachi dancing in the Matter of Loaf and Death gallery. :)"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 1st 2012 4:49am

Wow! I love the shading, especially on Piella's hair, cracking creation!

samuelhayward May 1st 2012 7:43am


LoveShaun19 May 1st 2012 9:31am

Baeutiful! What did you use, and how long did it take you to make it?

EmmyRed18 May 1st 2012 10:12am

MAN! That's GOOD!

Fionah May 1st 2012 10:36am

woah that is really good

honeythehampster May 1st 2012 10:42am

OMG! that is brillaint. love the colours

Xsyrenn May 1st 2012 12:27pm

Thank you all so much for the nice comments! I used crayola colored pencils for this - they're my favorite medium! As for how long it took me I really couldn't give you an estimate.

I started this last month and was going to use it as my submission, but held off on it to do that water color portrait of Wallace and Gromit. Then a few days ago I picked it back up to enter it this month and finished it over the weekend. So several hours?? Hope that gives you an idea. ^___^;

alibongob May 1st 2012 1:53pm

this is epic well done :)

but head girl May 1st 2012 2:32pm

COOL drawin' luv it!!!

puppylove May 1st 2012 5:27pm

 my mouth didnt close for 3 minutes when i saw it and im NOT exagerating!

Xsyrenn May 2nd 2012 2:46am

Puppylove - Did you catch any flies?? Haha, thank you for your nice comment! 

1flyingdog May 3rd 2012 5:30pm


Gromit5429 May 3rd 2012 5:46pm

This is the best painting of Wallace &  Piella 

Thats what happen after i look at this picture for 10 full mintues, i had almost forgotten how to close my mouth beacuse this is a really great drawing.

Liv T May 5th 2012 7:34am

That is amazing! I have never seen such an amazing drawing.

Devi Fitri Krisrera May 6th 2012 2:34am

 OMG! Very beautifull!!! I like it a lot!!!

yianni May 7th 2012 3:49am

you deserved to win

moosparkle May 7th 2012 6:43am

This is brilliant? My mouth was hanging open, and wouldn't close!!!

Roosterlee May 8th 2012 3:24pm

This is Fantastic! Well Done on winning!
How long did this take you to do?  

from Siberia with love May 22nd 2012 1:46pm


evastar7 May 26th 2012 11:15am

wowee amazing!

KrazyKelso May 28th 2012 6:55pm

that is awesome

FunnyD Jun 1st 2012 8:48am

so so so so so so so so so so so so so........Good Good Good....awsome so cool love it  love it love it

lovetottie Jun 1st 2012 12:15pm

have you recieved your prize yet?

Morgause Jun 2nd 2012 9:01am

Wow!!  What did you win?  I wish that I could draw like that!

Piratecaptainrocker123 Jun 4th 2012 12:10pm

Wow, that is absolutely amazing! Wow, that must ahve taken you ages to create. Is full of amazing details

olivia spice Jun 28th 2012 5:45pm

omg that is the best

Tizi & Vali Jun 30th 2012 9:26am

I can't imagine how hard you worked to make a fantastic picture like this.
It's so amazing! 

Jose Antonio Apr 23rd 2013 12:56pm

you shoud win

Morph Master Oct 30th 2013 2:07am

Well done for winning!!

Companula Feb 24th 2014 9:58pm

You're better than me!

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