xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Cracking Scarecrows by Brisfan22


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May 8th 2012
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"I made these two scarecrows to take part in a fundraising community scarecrow trail in our village (Pucklechurch) over May Day Bank Holiday - my favorite piece of inventiveness was the book I created for them called 'A World of Cheese' by 'Paris Stilton'!! The local children could be heard shouting 'It's Wallace & Gromit' all the way down the street."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 10th 2012 6:25am

Great idea, glad everyone liked having Wallace & Gromit there for the fun!

CHAMPION ART5 May 10th 2012 4:21pm


wallaceandgromitusa23 May 10th 2012 8:46pm

These are awesome looking scarecrows. I would love to see them on my street. Great job.

Estrella17 May 15th 2012 10:02pm

So awesome!! They look just like themselves, and the Cheese book is hilarious!! Cracking job, Brisfan22!!

FunnyD Jun 1st 2012 8:41am

so awsome love the ida

kjw1357911 Jul 30th 2012 9:22pm

that is such cool idea! cracking job

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