xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Cheese Ahoy! by 1flyingdog


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May 10th 2012
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There are 14 comments about this creation.

KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 11th 2012 11:29am

Great idea! Your colouring is very neat, I like the colours you've used too :)

CHAMPION ART5 May 11th 2012 2:52pm


1flyingdog May 11th 2012 2:55pm

Thank you!

dwwise May 12th 2012 8:57am

Avast Matey, this looks like a boatload of fun!

cannew May 12th 2012 9:02am

It's smooth sailing for this happy crew.  Great job!

1flyingdog May 12th 2012 10:20am

Thank you dwwise and cannew! I didn't know it was that good!  

1flyingdog May 12th 2012 10:56am

Oops!  I did not mean to sound snotty.     I am just glad you liked my drawing. 

Estrella17 May 12th 2012 11:23am

Champion job!  I like that Shaun visited Wallace and Gromit for another exciting adventure -- Well done! 

puppylove May 12th 2012 6:03pm

why is gromit a mermaid...

puppylove May 12th 2012 6:03pm

why is gromit a mermaid...

1flyingdog May 12th 2012 11:22pm

I made Gromit a "mer-dog" for decoration for Wallace's ship.  Wallace without Gromit is like
crackers without cheese.   

Devi Fitri Krisrera May 13th 2012 3:02am

Brilliant! I like your coloring, very neat!! Well done!

Estrella17 May 13th 2012 3:34pm

I agree, 1flyingdog! Wallace and Gromit are inseperable! 

Geba May 16th 2012 7:38am

I like Wallace's hat! 

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