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May 13th 2012
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"This took under 2 hours to make the hair is made of wool which has been sown to make a circular shape and the dress is made of pink felt."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 14th 2012 5:37am

Wow, good idea! What did you make her legs out of?

lovetottie May 14th 2012 11:43am

wooden peg

wallaceandgromitusa23 May 14th 2012 1:07pm

Cute idea. I love her pink dress. Nice Job.

Estrella17 May 15th 2012 10:03pm

So cute!! I especially like her fluffy hairdo, it looks just it did in the movie! Cracking job!!

lovetottie May 17th 2012 12:26pm


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