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April 5th 2008
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"sarah talks about food. as a slug!"

There are 31 comments about this creation.

Michael2008 Apr 7th 2008 12:21pm

luvly youve got talent;)

MARLOW NATHAN Apr 7th 2008 1:46pm

very talented well done

muzza Apr 8th 2008 12:17pm

amazing. i love the rolling eyeball

Modelmaker93 Apr 8th 2008 2:34pm

lol grea t vid

Jamie Q Apr 10th 2008 11:51am


mfiler Apr 26th 2008 5:58am


Well done

Zuzia Wicek Apr 28th 2008 6:31am


Ursrut May 4th 2008 8:45am

That is really good lip syncing!!! :)

Jamie Q May 7th 2008 11:53am

horay! runner up!!

Ursrut May 8th 2008 1:41am

Well done!!!

Fourthtry May 8th 2008 2:18pm

Did your little sister do the voice for the slug?

Chocachoc May 8th 2008 3:25pm

Thats just brilliant lip sinking. How did you do it, did you use mouth shapes for different letters or something? I cant lip sink for peanuts :P;)

Jamie Q May 9th 2008 1:37pm

no my sister didnt do it lol!
and thanks very much, yea i used replacement mouths and then just stuck them together to fit them to the speech. its easier tyhan it sounds though!

brtstudio May 11th 2008 9:43am

i love the country sitshaun::e code

Jamie Q May 11th 2008 3:37pm


PoisonIvy May 12th 2008 11:45pm

Bit shaky, but good

Mark the shark May 16th 2008 2:28pm

Fantastic! ;)

gromit32 May 18th 2008 3:31am

brilliant the best one ive seeen well done:D:D
but can u tell me were i can get mouth replacement thing for lipsyncing wb thanks.;)

aniboy May 18th 2008 12:53pm

please can some one tell me were i can get mouth replacements that are good please tell me

aniboy May 22nd 2008 3:32am

hello can some1 tell me weere to get mouth replacements:O

Inika_Unite77 May 23rd 2008 11:39am

Cool!!!! It's like Creature Comforts!!! Good Job!:D

aniboy May 25th 2008 7:42am

jamie what animation software did you use because i cant find any good software many thanks aniboy;)

aniboy May 26th 2008 8:42am
aniboy May 27th 2008 9:04am

heelloo annyyoonee tthheerree

BarnabasBell May 28th 2008 3:14pm


Jamie Q Jun 7th 2008 8:21am

hi! thanks for all of your nice comments!
answers to your questions:
i use vegas movie studio 8 as my editing software, but i would advise you to use stop motion pro, its built for animation
for mouth replace ments, search replacement mouths on google, and it should show you a poster of all the replacement mouths you can use, and just build them out of clay. then when you have filmed it all, just fit the lips to the words!
hope that helps

wallacey Aug 16th 2008 1:05pm

Ny tips on angles! I am making an animation, i know it is a weird question but what angles do you think work best

Purple&Brown Sep 4th 2008 1:33pm

that was grt im makin one soon

ilovehutchaaw Sep 7th 2008 2:50pm

i love choclolate too!

Gromit27 Oct 30th 2008 12:52pm


jowey123 Mar 18th 2012 3:41pm


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