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May 18th 2012
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"wallace and gromit tat"

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LoveShaun19 May 21st 2012 11:59am

Wow. Did you do that yourself, or get it done somewhere? Good job to whomever though! :)

puppylove May 21st 2012 4:51pm

its not perfect. i dont like tattos much but u guess that a person's personal choice to put a picture in their skin forever... i like the sumer tattoos that come out in 15 days better

masleeve May 21st 2012 4:56pm

This was done by my local tattoo studio Liquorice Tattoo in Kirriemuir, Scotland. I have always been a fan of “the boys”and they put together this wonderful bit of work, my next one is going to be Feathers McGraw Katy will make this looks easy as always.



Age 50 ¼

puppylove May 22nd 2012 4:44pm


LoveShaun19 May 23rd 2012 10:13pm

@ puppylove. Yeah, i wouldn't get a permanent tatoo either, but I had to admire the skill of the tatoo artist. :)

puppylove May 25th 2012 4:38pm

yeah, skill good.

masleeve May 29th 2012 6:47pm

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