xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - W&G sing in the rain by LoveShaun19


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May 20th 2012
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"A W&G parody of the movie " Singin' in the Rain"May God Bless!"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 21st 2012 6:20am

Brilliant, Wallace's outfit is excellent!

wandgfanatic May 21st 2012 6:59am

Awesome picture LoveShaun19! Well done! 

LoveShaun19 May 21st 2012 12:00pm

Thanks! :)

wallaceandgromitusa23 May 21st 2012 7:58pm

Great Job,I love the jacket that Wallace is wearing. Fantastic creation.

puppylove May 21st 2012 9:18pm

i liked the shading! is it your first creation???

Estrella17 May 21st 2012 9:36pm

Marvelous job, LoveShaun19!!  The colors and shading are champion, and I love Gromit's rain slicker -- it looks just like the one in "The Wrong Trousers"! Brilliant!  

LoveShaun19 May 22nd 2012 1:50am

@ Puppylove, Thank you. No, this is actually my third W&G creation, I also have done about 50 (?) STS pics. You can look at them here if you want. http://www.shaunthesheep.com/forum/read/48667/1
@ wallaceandgromitusa23 and Estrella17, Thanks. I modeled Wallace's jacket after the actor Gene Kelly's coat in the movie. I also used one of the pictures of Gromit on his page on this website, to look at while I copied his outfit from " The Wrong Trousers". I just changed his position.
I'm glad you all like this!

puppylove May 22nd 2012 9:31pm

wow, u shure love shaun! im not a big fan myself, i barely go to the site...

LoveShaun19 May 23rd 2012 8:05am

I like both W&G and STS about the same, I just really enjoy drawing Shaun and the flock, because they have so much artistic potential. Since they are kind of basic characters, they are really easy to use in a picture parodying something, ( like the Star Wars one I did). You should check out the STS forums though, they're really fun. :)

puppylove May 25th 2012 4:28pm

mmm... not really. just my opinion.

EmmyRed18 May 26th 2012 8:40am

"Let the Stormy clouds chase

Ev'ryone from the place;

C'mon with the rain!

I've a smile on my face!

I'll walk down the lane

With a Happy Refrain,

Just singin', just singin' in

The Rain!"

evastar7 May 26th 2012 11:14am

lol funny

LoveShaun19 May 26th 2012 4:22pm

Thanks. :)


This is a buddy of mine's website. There name is Icyblue. Check out their comic strips!

FunnyD Jun 1st 2012 8:32am

I love that how did you make it? that is so awsome!

LoveShaun19 Jun 2nd 2012 2:05pm

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :) I just drew it in colored pencils, then added a few " Fuzzy" effects on the computer. :)

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