xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Rocky the Rhode Island Red by modelman


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May 27th 2012
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"Clay figurine of the character Rocky from Aardman's Chicken Run."

There are 11 comments about this creation.

FunnyD Jun 1st 2012 8:29am

That is so awsome how did you make that and how long did it take?

Estrella17 Jun 1st 2012 11:40am

WOW!! How did you recreate Rocky so exactly? He looks awesome, and I especially like the details on his feathers!! Cracking job, modelman!! 

petalrose Jun 2nd 2012 6:11pm

aaarrr i think this is too cool this cud of been the actual rocky from chicken run the colours are just perfect love it

puppylove Jun 5th 2012 7:00pm

OMG!!!!!!!! man!! that is ...... i dont know! i dont what that is!!!

Gromits little bro Jun 7th 2012 1:11pm

How did this not win something????

modelman Jun 7th 2012 1:13pm

Thanks guys! This guy took me about two months on and off. I basically looked at a ton of stills from the movie. I'd say his mouth and feathers were the toughest.

ashmaster111 Jun 14th 2012 5:09pm

can you make me one ? lol :D

Tizi & Vali Jul 30th 2012 2:53pm

Unbelieveble! It's exactly like the original model! You should have won.

baker45 Aug 7th 2012 11:22am
Morph Master Sep 1st 2014 2:00am

Excellent models. The expressions that you have created are spot on, and you've really captured the creases in the material for the neckerchief. Well done! 

modelman Oct 12th 2014 12:58pm

Thanks Morph Master

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