xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace and Gromit family jazz band by yianni


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May 29th 2012
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"wallace and gromit are having fun playing jazz music"

There are 13 comments about this creation.

KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) May 30th 2012 6:15am

Cracking models! They look well dressed for playing some jazz music too!

samuelhayward May 30th 2012 8:54am


puppylove May 30th 2012 2:17pm

my... i feel like gromits and wallaces eyes are like... staring into my very soul....

LoveShaun19 May 30th 2012 3:23pm

Nice picture! :)

KrazyKelso May 30th 2012 3:52pm

those are awesome i totally love the piono

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind May 31st 2012 12:44am

what color did you use for gromit?

yianni May 31st 2012 2:10am

I used a creamy white colour

1flyingdog Jun 1st 2012 2:46pm


yianni Jun 1st 2012 5:58pm

yeah isn't it awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooo happy!!!!!!! 

zenida Jun 4th 2012 6:47pm

Congrats Yianni, AWESOME!!!!!!

cleasby99 Jun 10th 2012 7:45am

well done for winning!! Brilliant modelsand it was a great idea to make w&g into a band!!

doakley Aug 3rd 2012 10:09am

Great job!

cavor Jun 25th 2013 11:46am

Super cool job!!!!

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