xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Trillanga Video Part 1 by Estrella17


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May 30th 2012
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"Meet Felicity Cloverlin, a quirky and upbeat girl living in the marvelous world of Trillatia, a land born of music and full of adventure! Along with her best friend Tip Fletcher, a clever and gifted musical instrument maker, and her loyal pup, Crusoe, Felicity will search to discover her own musical potential. Throw in a sagely school teacher and a marvelously mad scientist trying to make the perfect plant-based fireworks, and you're guaranteed an awesome adventure! I also used some of Julian Nott's amazing music, and I hope you enjoy immensely! You can check out more at Trillatia.com! Carpe diem!"

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puppylove Jun 1st 2012 2:23pm

this might have wallace and gromit music but it has NOTHING to do with walace and gromit :/

Quadraphonic Jun 2nd 2012 3:35pm

Cracking Job! This is a very creative form of illustrated, stop-motion animation. The story is original and the artwork is awesome! I want to see more! 

wandgfanatic Jun 3rd 2012 2:17pm

Wow, that is amazing!  I just love your manga-type drawing and the story rocks!  Like Quadraphonic I can't wait to see more!

Estrella17 Jun 4th 2012 11:05am

Thank you SO much, Quadrophonic!! I'm so delighted that you enjoyed! 

Estrella17 Jun 4th 2012 11:08am

And thank you SO much, Ettobright!! I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!  I'm already hard at work on Part 2, so it should be out really soon! Thanks again!! 

yianni Jun 5th 2012 3:46am

it reminded me of the amazing studio ghibli

Estrella17 Jun 5th 2012 10:29am

Thank you SO much, Yianni!!  I'm so honored to be compared to Studio Ghibli, and so glad that you enjoyed watching!!  I will be posting Part 2 soon! Thanks again!!

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