xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - wallace and gromit bike busters by kittykatlozzy


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May 31st 2012
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"funky riders on there way to get some crackers and cheese"

There are 11 comments about this creation.

minniekerry Jun 1st 2012 6:48pm

wow kitty kat lozzy what an amazing piece of art work  i love the shading and the colours i see theres noo comments yet but hopefully u will get some more gud luck hope u win  
p.s keep up the gud work 

LoveShaun19 Jun 1st 2012 8:17pm

Very nice drawing! :)

katymay231 Jun 2nd 2012 2:36pm

cant believe how cool this is ive never seen a drawing like this b4 good luk

alangeorge Jun 2nd 2012 2:38pm

nice drawing best one so far

starstruck Jun 2nd 2012 6:00pm

lush drawing i'de love to beable to draw like that youve got a good chance in winnig!!!!!

petalrose Jun 2nd 2012 6:13pm

pretty cool is that nice shading

mariepink67 Jun 2nd 2012 7:18pm

gorgeous piece

mariepink67 Jun 3rd 2012 5:08am

hahahaha petal rose i tried puttin the same picture as u as my avatar and failed miserably really wanted it as well :(

divalatiaooo Jun 6th 2012 5:03pm

to amazin cant wait to see more

tanyamichelle65 Jun 6th 2012 5:56pm

lovin the shading how long did it take u???

hotmancowboy Jun 6th 2012 6:16pm

wow u have a really good talent

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