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June 3rd 2012
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"Gromit and Fluffles with 2 offspring. I know it's not happened and probably won't, but I really hope Fluffles makes future appearances."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jun 6th 2012 6:51am

I like your style, what programme did you use to make this? :)

mrowleyhill Jun 6th 2012 12:19pm

thats amazing

sappercyril Jun 7th 2012 8:06am


tre01 Jun 7th 2012 4:19pm

Thanks all. 
@KirstenW, I drew it in pencil first as a random sketch in my sketchbook, then scanned it onto the computer and inked and coloured it in Photoshop 7. I'm one of those people who don't use the software for actual photo editing

Roosterlee Jun 10th 2012 7:36am

Wow this is amazing! Great job!

kittykatlozzy Jul 11th 2012 6:39pm

Wow love it puppy love Gud job xx

kjw1357911 Jul 30th 2012 9:06pm

that`s so coolgood job

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