xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Oh No Gromit, Its the apple eating bunny! by hutch24


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April 7th 2008
5 out of 6 in 69 votes
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There are 61 comments about this creation.

J-Snake Apr 8th 2008 11:10am

WHO man thats awsome a winer for shure!!!!

J-Snake Apr 8th 2008 11:10am

lol i ment to say wow not who

anti-pesto Apr 8th 2008 11:23am

v gd

Jamie Q Apr 8th 2008 12:10pm

haha! mate, you HAVE won, i would bet on it. then again the people that choose the winners usually pick rubbish ones! ah well, good luck!

muzza Apr 8th 2008 12:14pm

great background 24. the rabbits are great and so is everything else. cracking job

cool chris Apr 8th 2008 1:12pm

cool winer

MARLOW NATHAN Apr 8th 2008 1:19pm

cool winner

Modelmaker93 Apr 8th 2008 1:39pm

great models and great set

Modelmaker93 Apr 8th 2008 1:40pm

could be a winner:O the shows are a bit flat though

Zebrafish Apr 8th 2008 2:05pm

Fantastic! thats really, really, really well done! :O:D
how long did it take?

MARLOW NATHAN Apr 8th 2008 2:25pm

ive just found out how he/she made the fence

MARLOW NATHAN Apr 8th 2008 2:25pm


Marlow Nathan

coopertoons Apr 8th 2008 3:03pm

i have three suggestions for you. add a background other then white you can you popsicle sticks to make the fence instead of cardboard and don't mash the feet it really takes away from how great this thing is

Harry Apr 8th 2008 3:44pm

Fantastic work chuck. Totti's having a good peek too! hehe

luke Apr 8th 2008 4:22pm

I think that the background, the fence and the feet are fine. 6/6!

hutch24 Apr 8th 2008 4:41pm

Thanks to everyone who has left comments, I can't use lolly sticks because they are too small, Wallace stands 8 1/2 inches tall. and lolly sticks are 5 inches whereas the fence stands at 8 inches.

jodyblue1 Apr 9th 2008 3:35am

The bunny on the floor looks like the COTWR toy Gromit with Bunny (you can get the bunny out of sack)

purple and brown Apr 9th 2008 4:33am


cool chris Apr 9th 2008 5:33am

background 6/6 charickters 6/6

Prof Chip Apr 9th 2008 2:51pm

Great job!!!;)

The Quans Apr 9th 2008 3:26pm

I like it, great job!8)

Michael2007 Apr 9th 2008 3:29pm

awesome set! what did you use for the grass?

hutch24 Apr 9th 2008 4:36pm

I used scatter powder from a modelling shop, (its used for model railways). Thanks for your comments:D

Janique1 Apr 10th 2008 2:39am

that is the best ever!!!

jills Apr 10th 2008 5:44pm

Really amazing! Well done :D

hutch24 Apr 11th 2008 3:58pm

Thanks to everyone for there comments!|-)

cabubbledum Apr 12th 2008 7:58am

Wow its brilliant:O:);):D smarty-pants8)

cinders1 Apr 14th 2008 3:21am

hutch 24 thats brilliant the way you have put it all together, you can see that alot of thought has gone into it, well done a winner in my book;)

Stuart Studios Apr 18th 2008 3:00pm

definite winner id say

J-Snake May 7th 2008 10:58am

Great jop new it would win 1st.

Jamie Q May 7th 2008 11:57am

what did i tell u!

Modelmaker93 May 7th 2008 1:35pm

Great job mate you won. not suprised:D

Ursrut May 8th 2008 1:46am

Well done that was a really good pic.
I'm surprised i hadn't see it before it won!!
Well done

Joel the pole May 11th 2008 7:28am

that bunny coming out ofthat hole isn't yours. it comes with the anti pesto gromit figurine. CHEAT

hutch24 May 13th 2008 1:13pm

A really big Thanks to everyone who gave positive comments.!!!


Mark the shark May 16th 2008 2:27pm

Fantastic! Well deserved win! ;) Joel the pole, just shut up.

aniboy May 22nd 2008 3:34am

well done m8;)

hutch24 May 22nd 2008 1:55pm

Thanks again for great comments!|-)

aniboy May 26th 2008 6:51am

huch24 i love your work its achully amazing i really really wish i could do things like that mabey you can give me a lesson;)and how long did it take you to make. you could be the new nick park and i aint joking:D


hutch24 Jun 4th 2008 5:42pm

It took 3 days to do, I enjoy model making and drawing, I want to be an animator when I'm older, so I am afer Nick Parks job lol lol:D

markl Jun 18th 2008 3:31pm

I think it is so good and win well deserved:D

markl Jun 18th 2008 3:32pm

I think it is so good and win well deserved:D

Walkerion Jun 20th 2008 3:12pm

You deserved it. really nice:D

Fanboi Jun 27th 2008 5:12am


abbey97 Jun 29th 2008 10:05am

thats brill

well done0:)

Cheeseeee-Gromit Jul 6th 2008 7:33am
hutch24 Jul 13th 2008 4:10am

Thanks to everyone for their comments, great to see read them all!

crazy-monkey-dude Jul 20th 2008 5:35pm

best one ive seen so far!

Corey Jang Jul 26th 2008 4:08pm

thats top stuff for sure you are so gonna win!

luke-puke Jul 29th 2008 8:28pm


ilovehutchaaw Sep 7th 2008 2:44pm

well done!

ursocoolgirl Sep 12th 2008 2:12pm

Dat is really gud - No wonder u won! ;)

Maciek_Kalinowski Nov 8th 2008 10:19am

Good idea and excelent work!;)

gromit212 Dec 12th 2008 9:31pm

I tried to make the same scene that you made and it wasn't as nearly good as yours.

zevobh Dec 16th 2008 11:46am

smashing set!

Alioops Feb 5th 2009 4:27pm

WOW that is brilliant definately a winner init

Gromits little bro Mar 20th 2009 4:29pm
Fifi1997 Apr 8th 2009 3:14am

Lady tottington head sticking ouitatha fence lol

Roosterlee Sep 12th 2010 9:41am

really good

lovetottie Nov 19th 2010 8:51am

amazing my dad says

Zoefish Jul 25th 2011 8:07pm


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