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June 24th 2012
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"At my school, there is a competition to advertise the "Bookswop".  (This is where you take a book along and you can get another one back).  I decided to use Wallace and Gromit on my poster.  I will let you know if it wins the poster competition!!"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jun 25th 2012 7:52am

This is a cracking poster! I really like your drawings, good luck for the competition!

puppylove Jun 25th 2012 2:59pm

u gotta be kidding with twilight. really???

Estrella17 Jun 25th 2012 4:15pm

Ha ha, this is just brilliant!! You really did great drawing Wallace and Gromit in their signature arm chairs, and I like how Gromit's book choices are so diverse! I think you're a shoe-in for winner in the contest! 

Morgause Jul 1st 2012 6:52am

Puppylove, I chose the book Twilight because it has a short title!  I hate the Twilight books!!

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