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July 15th 2012
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"so i thought of mixing old and new wallace and gromit together think it stands out abit more with blue in the background :D"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jul 16th 2012 6:20am

What a funny drawing! Your colouring is excellent too

Nathan M Jul 16th 2012 7:45am

Amazing drawing :) well done!

kittykatlozzy Jul 16th 2012 8:26am

Aarrrr thanx 

Rachem Jul 16th 2012 4:59pm

What a stunning peace of art work pretty different with there heads switched to the couple ring is really good to hope you win 

Rachem Jul 16th 2012 5:44pm

oops i meant the coulering sorry

kld loves wallace for eva Jul 17th 2012 5:23pm

this is awesome 

kittykatlozzy Jul 17th 2012 5:45pm

Aarrrr thanx x

divalatiaooo Jul 17th 2012 6:09pm

please win ur art is really different good luck

tanyamichelle65 Jul 17th 2012 6:11pm


hotmancowboy Jul 17th 2012 6:17pm

this is sssssooooo different how long did it take u?? got to be my fav 6/6

lukemcovee Jul 17th 2012 6:32pm

gggggggggggeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats good WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devi Fitri Krisrera Jul 17th 2012 10:00pm

Wow, it's good!

A_Grand_day_out_Fan Jul 18th 2012 2:36am

woah,fantastis! i love the rocket!

hulk9090 Jul 18th 2012 10:12am

speechless what a ccrraaazzzyyyy piece of work u disserve to win the ammount of effort uve put it gud luk

DickyLoveShaun2 Jul 18th 2012 10:53am

What a fantastic drawing! very well done!

chickenegg Jul 24th 2012 5:46pm

aaawwww this is so cute,weird but pretty cool how long did it take u??

yourturns Jul 24th 2012 5:51pm

what a true aaarrrttteeesstttttt good luck in winning p.s loving gromit and the rocket

wallacenandgromitD Jul 26th 2012 6:32pm


malibu barbie Jul 26th 2012 6:58pm

OMG!!!!!! my drawings could never compete to this rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy hope you win

jonny5isalive Jul 28th 2012 5:49pm

i gotta say i ent eva seen a drawing like this b4 its a magnificent piece and should be in a gallery i do paintings and drawings myself and i got to say u really have made it stand out the others above are right you shold win

doakley Jul 29th 2012 6:04pm

Good job.

doakley Jul 29th 2012 6:05pm

Wait, how long did this take you?

cake over load Jul 29th 2012 6:07pm

this is to good to be true well done kittykatlozzy ive rated you 6/6

kittykatlozzy Jul 29th 2012 6:09pm

hiya everyone thanx 4 your comments glad u like my work  and doakley thank you :) this took me 2 days to do

kittykatlozzy Jul 29th 2012 6:10pm

have you rated it doakley x

richard glumsy Jul 29th 2012 6:29pm

it took you 2 days to draw this wow u really should win gromits head looks so good on gromit and likin the inventions in the background the rolling pin is pretty good to

familyguy lover Jul 29th 2012 6:48pm


alangeorge Jul 31st 2012 3:04pm

great drawing hope it wins

alanc Jul 31st 2012 3:17pm

nice drawing

Sammou Jul 31st 2012 7:01pm

Wwooooowwwiiiiiiii competition is nearly over hopefully ur the winner fingers crossed

Ladivahench Jul 31st 2012 7:33pm

Heehee it's like gromits sayin comin on Wallace lets get to work I wish this was in the Wallace and. Gromit film it's really good 

Tizi & Vali Aug 2nd 2012 4:43am

It's good! Nice drawing!

kjw1357911 Aug 9th 2012 11:09am

that is soooo cool!!!!   great job coluring

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