xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - THE AMAZING GROMIT BAND by Wallace and Gromit Mastermind


July 29th 2012
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"         Wallace, in his favorite couch, cozily conducts the “Amazing Gromit Band” playing the horn, bell, tuba, drums, harmonica, accordion, cymbals and the keyboard. TEASER: The creator of Wallace & Gromit’s name initials is hidden somewhere in this creation. Test yourself how much time you need to find it. "

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jul 30th 2012 6:18am

Cracking creation! Poor Gromit is doing all the hard work as usual!!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Jul 30th 2012 12:26pm

I love the british theme to gromits costume!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Jul 31st 2012 2:54am

Thank you!

Devi Fitri Krisrera Jul 31st 2012 3:40am

Fantastic!! I really like it! 6/6!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Jul 31st 2012 5:27am


Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Jul 31st 2012 11:14pm

Thanks Devi ! 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Jul 31st 2012 11:33pm

Hahahaha... Why did you reveal the teaser? Thanks for joining the fun.
Hope you enjoyed it. 

wandgfanatic Aug 1st 2012 6:44am

Lol!  That is brilliant!  Spot on!  

Tizi & Vali Aug 2nd 2012 4:32am

That's great!  It's so funny that wallace is drinking his tea while gromit does all the work.

doakley Aug 3rd 2012 7:05am

Very good! I love Gromit!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Aug 3rd 2012 8:05am

Many thanks to Ettobright, Tizi & Vali and doakley!  

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