xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - My Robot Cooker! by Interpolated_Panda


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August 12th 2012
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"I always wanted the robot cooker from a Grand Day Out, so I made one :-)"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Aug 13th 2012 7:12am

Wow! This is excellent! What did you use to make it?

gromitsbuddyinginventor Aug 13th 2012 12:00pm

wow! it looks just like the real thing. how big is it?

Liv T Aug 13th 2012 1:44pm

How on earth did you manage to make that? That is brilliant!

Nathan M Aug 13th 2012 3:25pm


Interpolated_Panda Aug 13th 2012 7:50pm


I don't know how to reply individually, so:

1) I made it out of oven-fired modelling clay, wood, and aluminium for the skis. I painted it with cream paint the same colour that is used on cookers

2) I suppose it stands about 9 inches (250 mm) high

Thanks for all your comments  

Devi Fitri Krisrera Aug 13th 2012 8:32pm

You made it? AWESOME!!!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Aug 14th 2012 4:32am

Brilliant! How on earth did you make that? It looks even better than the figurines! 

doakley Aug 29th 2012 12:28pm

This will definitely win! "Congratulations!"

Eamon Peisley Jan 10th 2013 6:42am

best thing

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