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September 13th 2012
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"Piella, Lady Tottington, and Wendolene as the old singing group " The Andrews Sisters". I hope everyone likes this! May God Bless! :)"

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Sep 14th 2012 9:11am

What a great idea!

LoveShaun19 Sep 14th 2012 10:19am

Thanks. :)

LoveShaun19 Sep 14th 2012 10:20am

I actually colored this picture, but then used an effect to turn it black and white, to look like an old movie clip. :)

wandgfanatic Sep 14th 2012 5:59pm

Love it!  It's so retro!

LoveShaun19 Sep 14th 2012 7:16pm

Thank you! :)

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Sep 21st 2012 5:10am

Very good shading! I love retros like antique stuff from the 50s. 

LoveShaun19 Sep 28th 2012 4:23pm

Me too! Thanks. :)

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