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September 19th 2012
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"Here is a pardody picture I drew of the characters from W&G and STS , as the Characters from the new hit superhero movie " The Avengers". From left to right are, Bitzer as Agent " Hawkeye", Lola as Agent " Black Widow, Gromit as " Thor", Wallace as " Captain America", Supersized Timmy as, " The Hulk", and Shaun as " Iron Man" I hope everyone likes this picture! May God Bless!"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Sep 20th 2012 5:57am

Good idea LoveShaun19! I like Timmy as the hulk :)

wandgfanatic Sep 20th 2012 6:51am

Yeah, Timmy isn't as sweet and innocent as he seems! Another brilliant picture LoveShaun19!

LoveShaun19 Sep 20th 2012 8:19am

Thank you! :)

Stago1127 Sep 21st 2012 4:12am

sweet nice hawkeye

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Sep 21st 2012 5:07am

Wow very good!!! 6/6 

LoveShaun19 Sep 21st 2012 8:40am

Thanks! :)

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