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October 15th 2012
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" So, this " spooky" themed picture is my second W&G/ Abbot and Costello parody. Abbot and Costello made a pretty famous movie once called " Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein". This is supposed to look like one of the old posters/commercials for the movie. I hope everyone likes this! May God Bless!"

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Oct 16th 2012 9:33am

Good idea! I like the pencil sketching, it adds to the spookiness!

LoveShaun19 Oct 16th 2012 9:48am

Thanks! I did this one like " The Aardman sisters". I actually colored it, then made it black and white on the computer, I think it adds to the depth of the picture that way. :)

evastar7 Oct 18th 2012 12:33pm

wow great

LoveShaun19 Oct 18th 2012 4:18pm

Thank you. :)

chai_brit5901 Oct 19th 2012 5:15pm

Cool! I like the frankenstein the best! He's SPOOKY!

LoveShaun19 Oct 19th 2012 7:17pm

Thank you. :)

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Oct 25th 2012 2:15am

Nice shading!

LoveShaun19 Oct 25th 2012 3:44pm

Thank you!

lovetottie Oct 27th 2012 6:38am
LoveShaun19 Oct 27th 2012 6:12pm
EmmyRed18 Nov 15th 2012 8:58pm

Good  Job!

LoveShaun19 Nov 19th 2012 4:18pm

Thank You! :)

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