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October 25th 2012
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"This is a clay model of Gromit riding on his cardboard aeroplane! From the  Left wing to the Right wing it measures 8 inches. The body of the plane measures 4 inches. Gromit stands 2 inches from arms to his ears. Gromit is made of van aken clay. The aeroplane is made of corrugated cardboard with red clay on the edges of the wings. "

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Oct 26th 2012 4:57am

This is brilliant! I like how you used the red clay to fill in the edges. Cracking creation!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Oct 26th 2012 8:37am

Thanks! I thought of putting it because some rough edges could be seen. It came out better. Thank you once again!

LoveShaun19 Oct 26th 2012 10:29am

This is beautiful! :)

Angry kid Oct 27th 2012 3:58am


Gromit5429 Nov 1st 2012 8:38pm

This is amazing I don't know how to say it but WOW!!!!!!!

justinec Nov 7th 2012 6:37pm

Very nice! I love the expression on Gromit's face!

yianni Nov 15th 2012 3:28pm

you won!!! how awesome is that

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Nov 18th 2012 8:17am

thank you!

CrackerCheeseLover Jul 4th 2013 7:02pm

I love it!

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