xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Aliens On West Wallaby Street by wallace05man


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October 26th 2012
5 out of 6 in 6 votes
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"This should have been uploaded weeks ago, but i ran into many problems editing, but it's finally finished and i hope you like it."

There are 4 comments about this creation.

KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Oct 29th 2012 2:07pm

Cracking film! Great story and we really like the sound effects too

wallace05man Oct 29th 2012 2:51pm

thank you

gromitsbuddyinginventor Oct 30th 2012 4:27am

Great animation! Best one of yours I've seen!

wallace05man Oct 30th 2012 9:04pm

Thank you

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