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November 20th 2012
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"This is inspired by the "Gromit Unleashed" project that has recently been announced. This is how I would design one of the model Gromits.  I wanted to dress him as the Pirate with a Scarf as they have such similar characters and end up in such similar situations."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Nov 20th 2012 1:01pm

What a cracking idea for Gromit Unleashed! We especially like the pirate hat

kathjuggler Nov 20th 2012 3:57pm

Thank you!

samuelhayward Nov 20th 2012 3:57pm

Ha Ha! Totally unique!

Nathan M Nov 20th 2012 8:35pm

This is amazing - well drawn!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Nov 21st 2012 8:20am

wow thats amazing - I can see a winner!

LoveShaun19 Nov 21st 2012 1:31pm

I love this! :)

AndrewS Nov 21st 2012 2:59pm


DickyLoveShaun2 Nov 22nd 2012 1:07am

Hey, it's cute, lad! 

abhijith Nov 22nd 2012 11:17am

Nice but great

yianni Nov 23rd 2012 12:11am

cool asi love it

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Nov 23rd 2012 3:53am

It looks like the one from the movie "The Pirates" !

puppylove origin Dec 10th 2012 12:04pm

not bad

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