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November 28th 2012
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"This is a sculpture I made for a friend of the family who is an avid Gromit fan. The man was retiring after a long service to a Manchester bus company.The sculpture is totally hand made from scratch, out of Fimo polymer clay! "

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Nov 30th 2012 7:36am

The detail in your models is great, I hope he liked them! How long did they take you to make?

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Nov 30th 2012 6:09pm

How big is it?   What did you use for the eyes?   I like how you made the man's vest. Cracking job!

kathjuggler Dec 1st 2012 9:12am

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mcmtoppers Dec 3rd 2012 4:46pm

The whole model is made from Fimo polymer clay, except the papers of course! The eyes are also made from fimo with a little black half bead for the pupil.
It measures around 6 inches high and the base is 5 inches across. The whole thing, including cooking time to cure the fimo clay, took around 3 hours....though the 3 hours were grabbed inbetween cooking, taxi-ing the kids around and stopping the baby from eating my clay!!!
And yes, he loved it! Thank you for posting my piccy!  

gromitsbuddyinginventor Dec 4th 2012 8:20am

Wow its amazing! I didn't know you could get silver fimo!

mcmtoppers Dec 12th 2012 1:22pm

yes there are loads of colours, and also "effect" fimo which looks like marble etc!

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