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January 9th 2013
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"Wallace`s head is now fit on tom`s body"

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Morph Master Jan 12th 2013 3:24am

his name isĀ  gromit. But anyhow, it is very cool.

daisychimp Jan 12th 2013 8:55am

Lol! I love talking tom!

ARAVIND SURESH Jan 13th 2013 5:38am

wow but itts gromits head in toms body

ARAVIND SURESH Jan 24th 2013 7:10am

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abhijith Jan 24th 2013 11:02am

WE already know that. And I am sorry. It`s gromit`s head

Sveti Oct 5th 2013 7:05am

cool!!!!!!!!!!! i love ittttttttttttttttttttttt i wish i was like you in mamy ways kisses and huges from me')">')">')">')">')">nice work my friend.nice work!

Sveti Oct 5th 2013 7:06am

i saw the picture just now its diskusting yuck!!!!! im sorry bye!!!!

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