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January 21st 2013
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"When you think about it, Gromit is a lot more like a person than a dog. He sleeps in a bed, he eats and drinks human food and drink, he can read, drive a van, use power tools, do electronics, and even play the violin! I dressed him in a pink jumper because Gromit often seems to be doing pink knitting, and he has rubber gloves and an apron because he always seems to have to do all Wallace's chores! He has "Gromit-coloured" trousers. The apron is flowery like lots of other objects in Wallace and Gromit's house; like some of their wallpaper, and Wallace's bedspread. His floppy brown hair is supposed to be reminiscent of Gromit's ears."

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KirstenW   (Aardman Staff) Jan 22nd 2013 6:13am

Great idea, you've got just the right expression!

Roxie the Sheep Jan 23rd 2013 2:36pm

That is a great drawing so i am going to rate it a 5 but one quistion i thought that Gromit was a male so why has he got a flower apront and a female top but who cares i am rating u a 5

kathjuggler Jan 27th 2013 11:17am

Roxie the Sheep, there is an explanation of why he's wearing those clothes in the description.

Gromit Version 2 Mar 9th 2013 8:00pm

Love it! Very creative!

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