xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Wallace and Gromit rescue mission by jazzchipmunk


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February 10th 2013
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"Wallace and Gromit rescue a baby dragon from the"

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katie   (Aardman Staff) Feb 11th 2013 9:15am

This is great jaazchipmunk, well done!  I really love the flying dragon sequence - very clever :)  I can imagine it must have taken you a long time to make the whole film!

jazzchipmunk Feb 12th 2013 10:52am

thank you for the great comment. I also did this as a school project and some of the models that you see i made in class. the green screen was harder than i thought, i left the first part due to the technical difficulty. hope more like it and keep sending me more great comments!

Morph Master Feb 13th 2013 7:00am

where did you get the bicycle? Is it a wallace and gromit collectable?

jazzchipmunk Feb 14th 2013 4:45am

The bike and side car model was something that we had to save up lots of Kingsmill bread tokens for, I also have a lunch box with them on that I love.
 I have a question: If I want to put sound effects to my work what is the best software to use and where would I find it?

jazzchipmunk Feb 14th 2013 4:53am

Hello again,
 I will be in Year 10 in September and at the moment choosing my options, I found out last night that I have a chance to enrol in a Stage and Screen Academy to study a BTEC Level 2 extended Certificate in Creative Media and also a GCSE in Media doing Film studies plus all my core subjects and Enrichment courses in Photography.
 Please can you let me know if this would be the right way to go.
  Thank you    

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