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February 24th 2013
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"Made by Gabriel 5yrs old"

There are 5 comments about this creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Feb 25th 2013 12:02pm

I'm very impressed that these models were made by someone so young.  Very well done Gabriel, keep up the good work! 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Feb 25th 2013 3:55pm

those are amazing for a 5 year old! i really struggle to get gromit's toes right but those toes are really good!

gromitrox123 Feb 26th 2013 1:10am

This is amazing! I can barely do the teeth on Wallace but you have nailed it! They are very cute models! Well done! 

JeanneLoiselle Mar 1st 2013 8:33pm

My Grandson worked very hard during a whole afternoon to make these special character's. He loves Wallace & Gromit..He got up on saturday morning and stated, he wanted to make a Wallace and Gromit in clamation, so we went to a crafttsore in town  and puchased different Fimo colours. Once home he got to work. with the help of the cover of his DVD's he was able to form them...he is an amazing little artist and I am very Proud of him...He is a WINNER to me!!!')">

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Mar 2nd 2013 10:06am

You are very good in amking these mostly at your age now!!! Keep it up Gabriel! Well done! 6/6

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