xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - In the Garden with Wallace & Gromit by 1flyingdog


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May 20th 2013
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"Have a cracking Spring!"

There are 7 comments about this creation.

katie   (Aardman Staff) May 20th 2013 5:56am

Great picture, 1flyingdog!  I'm surprised Wallace isn't growing cheese plants ;)

1flyingdog May 20th 2013 7:22am

Wallace is wearing cheese garden gloves.  ')">')">')">

Koko2468100 May 20th 2013 10:18am

Gromit looks so cute!

dwwise May 20th 2013 2:26pm

Wllace and Gromit, how does your garden grow?  Will there be cheese and crackers all in a row?

cannew May 20th 2013 2:48pm

Let it grow, let it grow!  It will be a great garden.

gromitsbuddyinginventor May 20th 2013 4:34pm

Love it! a prize winning standard creation!!

fatcatpark01 May 25th 2013 1:37am

')">  great job

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