xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Haroun and the Sea of Stories animated trailer by kingaelfred


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May 26th 2013
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"This is a trailer i made for our school play."

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) May 28th 2013 9:18am

This is a really excellent film! How long, roughly, did it take to make?

kingaelfred May 28th 2013 10:01am

The animation took about a 3-4 days but with pre production about a fortnight

PeaceandBiscuits May 30th 2013 4:08am

Oh my goodness, that's incredible! I can't believe you're the same age as me...! How did you make it? I mean, with cutout paper or what...?

kingaelfred May 30th 2013 9:07am

I used a large  sheet of glass, from an old picture, and raised it on small blocks, i put light under neath and covered the glass with a large sheet of paper. Then i cut out the caracters and scenery from black card, i created jonts using thin black wire. When i put the caracters on the glass the light behind uses shadows to hide the joints and give a very mistireous look.

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