xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Catch that feathery villain! by LittleBlindChicken


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June 20th 2013
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"I've been a huge fan of Wallace and Gromit in project Zoo game since 6 years old, and now i decided to fresh my memories by drawing and watching movies; that's how i got inspired to create this.It's obvious that Feathers McGraw doesn't look like original one at all, the reason is that i wanted to make him looking really evil and smart, like the real villain should be (lol). Actually penguin's authentic appearance is much more attactive to me. And McGraw's behavior (not ambitions) is, um, quite respectable to me; if i only had a tenth of his resourcefulness, haha...The physical picture was drawn on sketch paper, highly damaged and crumpled, that's why it had to be edited that much. And there was a gap instead of a light stripe below, i'm sorry.Hope you'll enjoy this one! "

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jun 21st 2013 5:39am

This is GREAT! I really like the textured effect, it give's the image depth. Excellent work!

LittleBlindChicken Jun 21st 2013 7:47am

oh, i'm really glad to hear. thanks! 

veganpop Jun 23rd 2013 8:05pm

Its a very good illisration, but I don't remember the penguin smoking. I also like how Wallace, as usual, is in the back round trying to help but Gromit ends up doing everything.Poor Gromit

LittleBlindChicken Jun 26th 2013 11:38am

Yup, Penguin didn't smoke (actually he drank wine), but i gave him a cigarette to make him more criminal, lol. Thanks!

chicken lickin Jul 2nd 2013 3:24pm

MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! what an EPIC drawing!!!!!!!!

Bitzer123 Sep 8th 2013 5:50pm

He looks so evil!

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