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June 28th 2013
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"Hi everyone! My daughter wanted me to post this picture of her very first plasticine bunnies, which she made after watching COTWR. She wants to make the howler bunnies next."

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jul 2nd 2013 12:58pm

They are very good for a first attempt!! Well done!

LoopyMom Jul 2nd 2013 10:32pm

She's only 7 y/o, so I had to make the wire frame. But she shaped all the parts herself, which I then stuck together exactly as she wanted. The baby bunny she made all by herself.

What a lovely idea to include a feature on "How to Make a Bunny" with COTWR. Thanks for posting our pic so promptly, and for the kind comment as well. My daughter will be thrilled when she sees it!

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