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June 29th 2013
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"Here is the set i made of Gromit's bedroom... all the models are made of air drying clay (including the desk, chair, pencils, chest of drawers, clock, mug, bed, dog bed, dog bowl, shelves and books) and i have tried to connect this project with the actual set of gromit's bedroom from the earlier films so the clock is the same along with the mug design, bookshelf and wallpaper. It contains many of the same items such as a radio and books, and the book open on the desk contains diagrams and equations from the films. All models are coated in a PVA glue solution, and the gromit is made of cardboard as this was a school project as well (and i had a time limit). Hope you like it :)"

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jul 2nd 2013 6:08am

Wow you have worked really hard to make all these things! How many hours do you think it took?
Good work!

CrackerCheeseLover Jul 3rd 2013 7:06pm

Great job!

CrackerCheeseLover Jul 3rd 2013 7:08pm

Great job!

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