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July 9th 2013
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There are 7 comments about this creation.

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jul 11th 2013 7:02am

Haha! This is a brilliant drawing, and very funny too! Well done!

Bitzer123 Jul 11th 2013 10:28pm

It only took me one day to draw it!

gromitrox123 Jul 12th 2013 4:07am


samuelmosely Jul 15th 2013 7:28am

Haha - very clever! 

AndrewS Aug 3rd 2013 6:34pm

Very Good!

Bitzer123 Oct 5th 2013 10:43pm

I've got my Wallace and Gromit Haynes manual in the mail now;it's awesome!

Bitzer123 Jan 25th 2014 4:56pm

I'm surprised I was even a runner-up, I thought it was a pretty bad picture!

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