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August 19th 2013
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"A short film with a statue from "Gromit Unleashed"."

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Aug 20th 2013 9:19am

This is brilliant!! Well done!

Can you tell us about how you made it? How long did it take to make? Did you have any help?! Do you have any tips for animating? 

SineSnus Aug 20th 2013 1:46pm

Thank you!

I spend about a week of non-intensive work on the props, sets and figures, and an entire day of animating. The editing took about a day.
I made it all myself, exept the music. Gromit's body is made of painted polymer clay which is baked hard. His head is made of plastercine, so I was able to animate it. 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Aug 20th 2013 9:13pm

It looks real! The lighting, sets, props and talents are excellent! Well done 6/6

CrackerCheeseLover Aug 21st 2013 11:19am

Great job 6/6

gromitrox123 Aug 22nd 2013 5:57am

This is a great animation!!

mallard4468 Aug 23rd 2013 3:43am

amazing so amazing the idea for thr gromit is so good

kieran Aug 23rd 2013 9:17pm

This is brilliant i love the animation and the music; its nice to see feathers mcgraw joining in. 

Nathan M Aug 24th 2013 11:16pm

This is truly amazing :)

katie   (Aardman Staff) Aug 27th 2013 7:42am

Wonderful work!  Have you thought of entering it into Aardman's Animate It! competition as well? http://www.animate-it.com/competition/gromit-animation-competition/

SineSnus Aug 27th 2013 12:01pm

I just did. But the certificate with Nick Park's signature is still the best price ;) 

dinogirl Aug 27th 2013 6:35pm

Wow, your animating skills were very good! and the props looked amazing! 6/6 from me!!

emma_b Sep 4th 2013 9:15am

That was really amazing!

Willogs123 Jan 14th 2014 2:39pm

I really like the way you animated the birds. Great!

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