xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Pig slobber by G-I-Wallace987


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September 28th 2013
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"My brand new creation and a part of my new film most of my creations that I have shown you will be in my new        film."

There are 5 comments about this creation.

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Sep 30th 2013 6:43am

This is a great model! Does it have an armiture inside it?

Bitzer123 Sep 30th 2013 8:11pm

Eww!His slober is


G-I-Wallace987 Oct 1st 2013 2:33pm

no it hasn't and its not slober its his food, but thanks for the comments.

Morph Master Oct 3rd 2013 1:05am

Wow! It looks like the pigs shown on shaun the sheep ! 

G-I-Wallace987 Nov 28th 2013 5:45pm

thanks for the comments.

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