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September 29th 2013
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"A Good Day ! I Made this penguin below from scratch from salt dough i made him if you want to know how i will post below its really easy recipe for dough its food dye but i used acrylic paint for dye its just flour ( plain or self raisng),oil preferably vegetable, salt lots of salt and warm water i basically added about a cup of flour to a cup of salt then added about 1 and a half table spoon and a few tablespoons of warm water if it goes all runny just add a bit more flour and salt then i made it in to a dough poked a hole in the middle added the paint it would be better with food dye but i enjoyed doing it with accrylic paint cause it came out pastely its easy to store wrap it in clin film or in plastic tubbware its really easy and great fun :) im also thinking of doing a series and posting it on my youtube channel and also entering it in the your creations so yeah please rate and i hope you find him so cute and the recipe helpful many thanksCocolangham xx "

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Sep 30th 2013 7:37am

This is a great model, well done! I like his house too - did you make that?!

cocolangham Sep 30th 2013 3:04pm

yeah i made it aswell that was my sunday  

Bitzer123 Sep 30th 2013 8:16pm

It looks like a video game character.

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