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September 29th 2013
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"this progect took me nearly 4 weeks but i finished it in time. this is the cooker out of the grand day out."

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Sep 30th 2013 7:39am

This is a great model! What is it made of?

mallard4468 Sep 30th 2013 12:52pm

scraps like paper buttons cotton but stick cardbord

gromitsbuddyinginventor Sep 30th 2013 2:21pm

great! How big is it?

mallard4468 Sep 30th 2013 3:28pm

6cm by 10cm high

Bitzer123 Sep 30th 2013 8:13pm

Cool!That's really neat!

Morph Master Oct 3rd 2013 1:03am


mallard4468 Oct 3rd 2013 1:15pm

thanks thank you

Sveti Oct 6th 2013 9:04am

i like it but i dont know what it is

mallard4468 Oct 6th 2013 3:37pm

its the cooker out of grand day out

gromitrox123 Oct 16th 2013 1:58am

this is cool!

mallard4468 Jan 12th 2014 1:24pm


mallard4468 Jan 12th 2014 1:25pm


mallard4468 Jan 12th 2014 1:25pm


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