xf Wallace & Gromit - Your Creations - Curse of The Were-Rabbit - The Truth is Revealed by Gromllace


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November 6th 2013
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"I drew this picture today on my lunch-break at work, for some reason I couldnt get the Curse of The Were-Rabbit movie out of my head. Specifically; the scene when Wallace fell into in his breakfast chair in the morning with Rabbit ears and Gromit realises the truth. So I drew this scene with pencil on paper to simply 'get it out of my head'.Every time I draw one of these sketches, I like to pretend Im the story board artist, drawing scene by scene showing what will come to life with clay stop animation. It makes the whole drawing experience so much fun. "

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Nov 6th 2013 6:46am

This is a really excellent drawing! I like Wallace's big furry ears!

Gromllace Nov 6th 2013 7:17am

Thank you JodieD. I love the moment you see wallace with ears and Gromit is trying to tell him but Wallace is too oblivious.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Nov 6th 2013 10:54am

Great sketch! I love the expression on Gromit's face!

Gromllace Nov 7th 2013 7:52pm

Cheers katie!
I must admitt, I am very excited and amazed as my sketch has already recieved over 8000 views! I just cant believe it. 

GromWall19 Nov 7th 2013 11:30pm

This is amazing! It looks like some of the sketches from the Wallace and Gromit artwork books :)

Gromllace Nov 8th 2013 1:56am

Thanks GromWall19 it was reading the Wallace and Gromit art books that taught me how to draw .

F&G Nov 8th 2013 5:16am

Haha looks like Gromit is a bit speechless!

Gromllace Nov 9th 2013 9:00am

Over 30,000 views Im stunned! 

Bromgrom Nov 25th 2013 10:05pm

Fantastic drawin mate!

WallabeyWallace Nov 25th 2013 10:09pm

Great sketch!

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