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November 17th 2013
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"I just wanted to congratulate all of W&G's winners,(from top left), A GRAND DAY OUT by CrackerCheeseLover, FALL FUN WITH FLUFFLES by 1flyingdog, UNLEASHED by SineSnus, WALLACE AND GROMIT by CrackerCheeseLover, AT THE CINEMA by bethwolflover, THE AARDVENGERS by lizziefij, WALLACE AND GROMIT- GROMIT BAKES A CAKE (CLAYMATION) by Wallace and Gromit Mastermind, GROMITS BRISTOL ADVENTURE! by zoe m, A MAN AND HIS DOG by tre01, SNOW GOMIT! by marcrob13, WALLACE AND GROMIT- WINTER WONDERLAND by Wallace and Gromit Mastermind, PUPPET STRANGENESS by Drawing Master, GROMIT ON BOARD by Wallace and Gromit Mastermind, THE MUSICAL MARVELS! by wandgfanatic, AARDMAN OLYMPIC GAMES 2012! by gromitsbuddyinginventor, FEATHERS MCGRAW'S JAZZ BAND by oleksii, WALLACE AND GROMIT RUN THE OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY by morgause, WALLACE & GROMIT by cleasby99, WALLACE AND GROMIT FAMILY JAZZ BAND by yianni, WALLACE AND PIELLA by Xsyrenn, SPRING IS IN THE AIR by virgi, VALENTINE'S DAY by bowler, HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH WALLACE AND GROMIT! by Fionah, ONE FOR THE ALBUM by mothy940, WALLACE AND GROMIT - POPPY by sparks92, VAMPIRE GROMIT by Tizi & Vali, RABBITS + CARROTS - STOP MOTION - WALLACE AND GROMIT RABBIT FILM by LukeMaximoBell, A major infestation by cleasby99, CANDY MANIA! by aniquatultul, 2050 - DIGITAL CHEESE by Catriona, PIELLA BAKEWELL by Gobble, EASTER EGGS by s andy, FLUFFLES by JynxTitan, W&G IN "SPLAT" by Gromit lad, GRAND DAY OUT by sootsy, BEAUTIFUL DAY by Virgi, COOKER by aminett12, THE GET TOGETHER by sootsy, DREAMING A HOLIDAY by virgi, ON THE MOVE by Sam loves cheese, WALLACE AND GROMMIT by tashd8on, W & G - GRILLED CHEESE by Ramon Faria, A GRAND DAY FOR A PICNIC by katiearcus, FAMILY REUNION by xannax, EASTER EGG HUTCH by craftycute, PAST MEMORIES by bigfanwallace, WALLACE AND PIELLA- HOT by Emerald, SNOW WALLACE by ashworth9, WERE RABBIT WALLACE by barby&alex, MR AND MRS MULCH AND THEIR PRIZE PUMPKIN! RachG, THE CURSE OF THE GITTISHAM WHEELIE BIN by EB & GB, WALLACE AND GROMIT'S MOON ROCKET by 00Failure, ALL YOU NEED IS "LOAF"! by Laurenllama, WALLACE AND GROMIT by ftrz00kpr, PIELLA & FLUFFLES by hutch24, TELLTALE GAMES CHARECTORS FOR GRAND ADVENTURES by Nathan M, WALLACE ROCKING OUT!! by motherfimo, WALLACE & GROMIT-  TOTTINGTON HALL RESCUE by Michael2008, FEATHERS MCGRAW - RIGHT HAT by MarkusL, JUST LOAFIN' AROUND! by vamstarz, 1 IN A MILL 2 by jills, HE´S LEAVING HOME by tenientepl, W&G- THE CHEESESNATCHER PART 1 (CLAYMATION) by AlexCrowley, RE-MADE CRACKING CONTRAPTIONS TITLE SEQUENCE by dantorr, SIMMER DOWN by lmlm6819, KNITTED FEATHERS MCGRAW by cccavicch, OH NO GROMIT, ITS THE APPLE EATING BUNNY! by hutch24, THE UNINVITED VISITOR by animation boy, TOTTIE SHOWS LOVE WITH CARROTS by Duchamp42, WALLACE FROM 'WALLACE AND GROMIT' IN 'A BAD DAY OUT' by rastophulus, WALLACE AND GROMIT CHRISTMAS CHEER by dachappell, BUNNY BONANZA(INSPIRED BY W&G) by arnymate, MR GROBAG by conty. And again Congratulations everyone!!!"

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Nov 19th 2013 9:34am


This is great! Thank you SO much for taking the time to compile the images together, it's really great to see them all together!

Buffe Nov 19th 2013 11:05am

Thanks Jodie, And again congratulations all of the winners')">')">')">

katie   (Aardman Staff) Nov 25th 2013 5:05am

Cool! A lovely visual reference of all our past winners this year. This must have taken you a bit of time to compile - well done!

Buffe Nov 25th 2013 6:24am

Thanks Katie, I made it in about an hour.')">

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