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December 6th 2013
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"A Gromit the color of aged cheddar, standing on an English cheese label, with English cheese labels and names adorning him"

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Dec 10th 2013 11:25am

This is a great idea for a custom Gromit! (Wallace and Gromit would really love it too!)

Nailsean Dec 10th 2013 3:18pm

Hope you've got Wenslydale on there somewhere :)

katie   (Aardman Staff) Dec 11th 2013 9:29am

What a totally cool, cheese-tastic creation! Your Gromit looks good enough to eat with a cracker or two and a side of pickle! 

Bitzer123 Dec 15th 2013 5:21pm

If Wallace ate him, then on their other adventures, Wallace would be hurt or killed or something!

phredV Dec 15th 2013 6:17pm

Tot6ally Kewl .....

HRHKat Dec 15th 2013 7:57pm


pattilou52 Dec 17th 2013 7:09am

A "cheesey" wonderful creation, in the  very best sense!

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