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December 16th 2013
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"Hello! I thought I'd share my Christmas cake with you, it's of my favourite tv and film characters! Inspired by the short amination Tis the Season for Get Togethers.  Hope you like it! x"

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Dec 16th 2013 5:57am

This is a beautiful cake! I love the fine details like the paper chains and items on the mantle! Great work!

mumpy Dec 16th 2013 11:23am

Thank you! I made it to help raise money for terminally ill children, along side about 100 other bakers who all made cakes of their favourite christmas films. I am not a professional baker, i do it as a hobby and this was great fun. X

katie   (Aardman Staff) Dec 16th 2013 11:45am

Wowzers! That is one very special Christmas cake. We would love to share it on Facebook in the run up to Christmas, if that is okay? I'm sure it will inspire lots of people to try and create their own W&G themed cakes. Well done! 

mumpy Dec 16th 2013 2:06pm

Oh i'd be very flattered if you did that, i'm on facebook too so i'll pop over to have a look. Thank you. X

mumpy Dec 16th 2013 2:33pm

......If you could somehow link my picture back to my facebook page i'd be thrilled.  Of course you dont have to, but I may get a few more fans if you do. My page is called I Baked Some Cakes.  Zillion thanks, am chuffed to bits. x

barbs76 Dec 17th 2013 1:51pm

What a great cske 6 out of 6, getting me in the festive mood

andystaf Dec 17th 2013 2:18pm

This is one of the best creations (cakes) I have ever seen on this website, I tried to rate it a 6 but the system onlylet me put a 1 (boo). I hope other voterrs can give it a high score as it truly deserves to be No. 1

mumpy Dec 17th 2013 2:33pm

Thank you both, dont worry andystaf i have just voted for myself and did a 2!!!!!!! Silly me thought it was a sliding scale! Ha ha! X

YOUR DICK Dec 17th 2013 2:44pm

Nice cake

EmJemClem Dec 18th 2013 3:33am

WOW, this cake is AMAZING!  Love it...the detail is brilliant.  Well done to mumpy!

katie   (Aardman Staff) Dec 18th 2013 5:23am

We have shared your picture on the Wallace & Gromit Facebook page and Google + - thankyou!

mumpy Dec 18th 2013 5:26am

Bless your kind heart, thanks YOU! X

elainep60 Dec 18th 2013 4:00pm

lovely cake gromit ! best ever,

03Bella Dec 19th 2013 4:05pm

Wow, wow, wow, I lurve this cake. You are one talented person Mumpy. X

mumpy Jan 23rd 2014 5:13pm

I keep checking to see if you have announced the results of your December competition, I know I am being cheeky in asking but my kids keep asking me so I thought I'd try to find out............hope you dont mind. X

JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jan 28th 2014 10:42am

Hi Mumpy, if you mean the Homepride 'Wallace & Gromit's children's Foundation Top Bun Baker competition' we announced the winner on our Facebook page:



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