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January 12th 2014
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"My PYO Gromit is fashioned in memory of my best friend of 16 years, "The Barnacle". We admired & felt a kindred spirit with Wallace & our hero Gromit while we shared many incredible adventures of our own. "The Barnacle, aka Barnie got his name as a pup whilst living aboard our boat... some people say he looks part beagle, though in true terrier style the pull of land won over & we later moved ashore  to enjoy years of great fun frolicking amongst the native bush & along the magical seashore.  Barnie-Grom is sporting Barnie's ID tag and markings, set amongst a bush & beach background featuring just a few of our favourite symbols of New Zealand; paua, pipi, tuatua nikau, kiwi, silverfern, koru, pohutukawa & kowhai bloomsI hope you enjoy our version of Gromit :)  "

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JodieD   (Aardman Staff) Jan 13th 2014 7:08am

What a lovely setting for your painted Gromit! And a lovely way to remember Barnie.

katie   (Aardman Staff) Jan 15th 2014 6:34am

Thanks for sharing your personal story with us - what a lovely way to commemorate a treasured pet. Well done!

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